Developer Resources

We're proud of our roots in PHP, and just as proud to be one of the earliest contributors to the Open Source community. DCP Portal launched more than eight years ago and is one of the most poupular programs listed on DCP Portal and ttCMS are targetted at advanced users, webmasters and programmers. All of our other tools are designed specifically for developers to shorten development time and ease the process of getting projects done.

PHPMailer supports both PHP4 and PHP5. Originally authored in 2001, PHPMailer has been downloaded more than 1,000 times daily from our own site, and estimated more than 3 million times from other mirrors sites. PHPMailer makes it very simple to send emails in text and HTML formats through the PHP mail() function, SMTP, SendMail, and QMail. It eases the difficult process of emailing to a short few lines.

QuickSkin supports both PHP4 and PHP5. Available for more than 4 years, QuickSkin supports token-based substitution to fully separate content from graphical design of a web page. QuickSkin also features a built-in cache system to reduce bandwidth by up to 80% and speed up getting content to the user's browser. We use QuickSkin in virtually all of our projects, including this site.

QuickCache supports both PHP4 and PHP5. Conceived and built in 2001, QuickCache powers some of the largest websites in the world. Unlike most caching systems, it requires setup only once and then works with every page on your site. It can store compiled versions of your pages in files or in a database. Either way, your bandwidth goes down dramatically and speed to render to your user's browser goes up markedly. Lower costs, faster throughput - a perfect combination.

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We also have some online tools to make your life easier: